Splash Point

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Splash Point

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Splash Point is such a gem in the Worthing seafront ( & town) that it would make sense to give it the space it needs to allow visitors to circulate. Approaching Splash Point from every side is qute a cramped journey, as there are railings, low walls & parking in place. To make the most of the area it would be logical to remove the railings, walls & re-allocate residents’ parking spaces to the side of the flats, & pave the entire area over. There would be room for more seats, planting, & would enhance the existing flats ( & probably raise their value too with the improved outlook ), & generally allow more room for visitors to meander, relax, people watch, & where people sit they will spend ( on food, drink, souvenirs ). It really would make a tremendous difference to the area, & look fabulous too.

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Maša Kepic

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